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Thursday, 13 June 2013



Have you ever been very happy? What was the reason? How did you feel? What was the intensity of that feeling? Ask these questions to yourself and read further because in my further post you will need the answers to these questions.

The feeling of happiness cannot be measured just can be felt from inside. Now think of the moment when you were too happy. Feel the moment I assure you that you must be having a big smile on your face as you progress reading. Now just stop smiling, see this moment made you happy again and that is what happiness is all about.

Find your reason of being happy think of it as your bad times and just bring back the wonderful smile which you possess and don’t let your hard time win over the past best memories which you have.

Happiness comes from small things and it comes over and over again if you think of your best moment you just need positive attitude and positive thinking.

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Friday, 24 May 2013

What You Think Is What You Are

What You Think Is What You Are

Man is always in some sort of thinking and most part of thinking is something negative, this has been a reason which creates false image in that person and is a cause of many negative results.

Thinking is a process which develops a man’s behavior and if you are in some false negative aura then you are ought to be crossed over by the positive feelings which you pursue.

You have to think positive to become a positive person who will lead you to good personality and this can be achieved in reality by just trying to control your thoughts.

Now what you have to do is just follow up some quick tips below. I don’t want you to assure you that these tips will work for everyone but at least it has worked for me.

1.       Do not try to live in past.
2.       Remove bad memories from past that make you present sad.
3.       Be with positive people and share your thoughts.
4.       Have a good diet( Yes it is important)
5.       Try to avoid non-veg.(scientifically proven non-vegetarian meal makes people cruel)

These are some basic tips that would help you gain positive thoughts and make you feel better when your sad domain prevails. Getting angry is not the solution in any aspect of life.

Remember one thing always- DO NOT blame anyone for your bad times (specially your partner) because this isn't a solution ever.

You have to change the way of thinking if you want to develop yourself in good sense and this isn't very difficult all you have to do is just have patience and concentrate on positive thinking to become successful.
People have to keep it in mind that only through getting control on your weaknesses can make you prosper and help you be a better person in life. 

Thinking is the key to define your personality so be wise and try to follow some quick tips. Hope you to get the best results from this post.

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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Love Is Life.

Love is divine a feeling of purity and essence of classic relishing care and commitment of two people completely accomplished with each other.

Love is a feeling in which everything seems to be so beautiful adding lovely colors to life making soul cheerful. I completely believe in love the reason is the state of mind when being in love, the amount of happiness cannot be calculated being with your loved one. It’s just a real feeling making you complete.

Life sometimes seem to be in great sadness and only one thing that can support you and bring in back the originality of your life, I completely believe that you can live more happy and prosper in life if you have someone in your life who loves you with the same feeling which you owe for them.

Life is all about how you decide to live and love is a part of life which if separated then life seems lifeless  and surely this can’t be the end of life someday somehow every person will fall in love and this will make life look too beautiful.

Love spreads contiguously and people affected with love will live with peace and die with happiness on their face, what a lovely day it would be when we’ll be able to remove the sadness from the world with our weapon of love.

Love is like medicine which when applied on wounds of a person will surely fill up the wound and make that person capable to like as before. I have seen many cases in which people not able to walk, with love and care the feeling developed in their hearts made them capable to take their step.

Love is so magical that it can do any miracles and its love which prevails in the hearts of people desiring to live. Share with me your thinking about love and what is love for you, put in your response if you believe in love.

Monday, 22 April 2013

3 Things Necessary In Love

3 Things Necessary In Love

Love and its purity, such a divine and wonderful feeling, pleasing hearts and clam mind giving peace and serene feeling to soul.
Friends, Love is something which will fill in enthusiasm and relish minds for the goal the dream you have seen to fulfill.
Love has all powers with magical touch.

1.Love is pure, so being in love the most important thing is TRUST.

2. Immense love, caring and great affection  is MUST.

3. FREEDOM, SACRIFICE & LOYALTY are very important in love.

No other thing is as beautiful as love, with great care and affection one can nurture love to a extra-ordinary extent and where you will always feel to be with your partner.

Love one another so much that there should be no place for sorrows and sadness.

Situations may come where you may feel everything's over but just by being with one another and supporting each other the situations can be handled.

Trust your partner and try to understand each other, this will surely lead you towards great effects of true love.

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Regards...Sourabh B.....Tc..God bless.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Teeny Angels Love Relationship

Friends, Have you heard about teeny angels or angel? Teeny angels are angel's who just touch your heart once you see them.

Teeny angels are faithful in relationship and love. A teenager love is pure and real, just a touch and you'll fell in love, teeny angels are real angels who have a pure heart and ultimate touch.

Giving gentle feelings and spending time with angels is beautiful, the youth likes making love with teeny angels as they really prove to be real and pure from heart and true angel's.

Friends feelings for teeny angels & making love with angel's spending time with beautiful angel if pure relationship, no anger just love soft touch and good heart cannot make anyone angry.

I love you just seem too small and love business begins as you fell in love with these teeny angels,
they will just touch your heart and love you from heart so pure that you'll fall in true love and will get into serious relationship with them.

Love has to be done with passion and love has no boundaries..
So just love limitless and enjoy your life..
Regards.. Sourabh B....Take Care...God Bless...

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Love Horoscope & Love Business

Friends, Everyone nowadays believe in love Horoscope isn't it? And the reason for this is many sites are just influencing the youth to register to love calculator or free love horoscope and the youth is just too attracted towards these free love horoscope.

I just want my friends here to know that the people creating this type of love software's are just programmers who create a software which randomly calculates the love percentage.

Just go onto Google or just Facebook log in you will get 100's of people showing love calculator providing websites saying free love horoscope, then happens the big thing youth like us just fell prey to this free love horoscope and love is decided on the love calculator results.

Just think is this right, deciding love percentage on basis of some rubbish software which has no base at all and software doesn't even know what our relationship is, how we are making love, nothing just believing the love calculator blindly.

Friends, love is pure and eternal it can be calculated using love calculator it has to be felt from inside and no such free love horoscope is available which can assure you that its is 100% correct, rather it can just spoil our relationship as saying i love you is simple and casual for some people horoscopes can just turn this saying i love you into i hate you if you blindly believe on love calculator or any website saying free love horoscope
As you will see the any website with such headings, titles, phrases just think of your love once and take your decision of being on that page or not, love cannot be measured, people are looking at love like a business.
Don't you think that love has been displayed in websites like " click here for making love or have love chat hear someone say you i love you" means this is just ridiculous.

Just to earn for website making its complete business. If people start seeing love as business then i am afraid that real and true love will soon be suffocated in such a surrounding.
  • Love is not a business
  • Don't believe in free love horoscope or love calculator
  • Don't make your relationship into business just because of such rubbish love calculator
  • Say i love you to your soul mate if you really do
  • Relationship must be preserved
  • Love your friends also
Just forget about business and concentrate on love and your relationship, think of your friends and i am sure this will surely help my readers feel good..
I would appreciate your comments friends..

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Regards Sourabh B...God Bless...Take care..